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OnSight is a unique and innovative web design company originally founded with a particular focus on - and insight into - the requirements of the professional photographer.

OnSight was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing powerful & useful tools and services to the professional photographic industry, thereby permitting professional photographers to avail of the marketing and viewing facilities which a well-designed website can provide. In fact, our earliest promotional questionnaire - which was pre-Facebook & Wordpress - boasted the following ahead-of-its-time feature list:

Early OnSight questionnaire from 2004 as "food-for-thought"; note that it asks you to "imagine" a site like that, as it was pre-Wordpress, Instagram, Facebook or the myriad of modern service providers.... see how many of the above are now taken for granted!

Beyond Photography

Over the past 19 years OnSight's reputation has spread through both word-of-mouth and the quality, speed, functionality and SEO results of our clients' websites and apps, with OnSight expanding - based mainly on recommendations from existing clients - to provide websites for additional types of business enterprises, including videographers, entertainers, shops & restaurants, car dealerships, and more.

Key Fundamentals + Adding Innovation

With each step in OnSight's evolution over the past 2 decades, the company has repeatedly embraced and pushed the boundaries of new directions, while never losing sight of the fundamentals, despite the multitude of changes as the use and user experience of the web evolved, firstly towards larger higher-resolution screens, then into the areas of animated, richer experiences, and then right back to mobile devices in consumers' pockets.

Websites that Work

With an unrivalled one-stop-shop killer combination of graphic design, web design, solution-oriented programming, SEO and photographic experience, OnSight has the unique combined insight and experience to permit our clients to avail of the latest web, computer, mobile device & SEO trends and innovations, and the company is committed to allowing all clients to avail of these benefits within the workflow of their existing business, without the need for any SEO or web expertise.

A helpful CMS for SES Digital which offers a list of all past venues to choose from, grouping videos together, and allowing videos to be linked to testimonials from the couple; it also auto-generates all the required embed codes by the owner simply entering the web address of the video

Focused on Photography

  • OnSight founded as a partnership, combining the expertise of professional photographer & computer systems graduate

  • The OnSight Viewing & Ordering System is released, allowing clients to select the photos for their wedding album - and additional prints - online

  • OnSight becomes a Limited Company, OnSight Designs Ltd

  • OnSight wins Limerick City Enterprise Board's "Best New Technology Business" Award

  • OnSight becomes a Trade Member of the Irish Professional Photographers' Association, offering free website seminars to newly-qualified IPPA Members

  • OnSight joins the IPPA's Happy Faces Day initiative, developing an innovative website which allows participating photographers to add details of their event, automatically shares the event on multiple social media platforms, and allows visitors to search based on either their location or a favourite photographer

  • The second-generation OnSight Viewing & Ordering System is released

  • IPPA National Awards Judging System launched, allowing online submission of image entries & online group judging

  • The third-generation OnSight Viewing & Ordering System is released, with additional features making use of larger screen space to zoom & compare similar images when choosing

    All OnSight websites pass iPhone-Compatibility tests, due mainly to the foresight of avoiding the use of Flash as a substitute for an actual website

  • OnSight sponsors the Best Fashion Portfolio category of the National Photographic Awards 2011

    New mobile-focussed SiteShell released, offering improved functionality & GPS-based directions-to-studio, as well as the ability to install your site as an app on your home screen

  • OnSight sponsors the Press & PR category of the National Photographic Awards 2012

  • Apple iPad 2 released; Flash "websites" cease to work but all of OnSight's sites - including those with animations and effects - continue to work flawlessly

  • Our first ever patents! OnSight develops two patented apps for The Habitable Zone

    OnSight's first retina-optimised website goes live, offering Gareth Byrne a new precision-designed, adaptive-layout website with ultra-sharp, fast-loading images

    OnSight contributes to the local community by donating the design and development of branding & website for the newly-launched Limerick City Community Radio

  • Launch of a new fully-integrated backoffice website for the IPPA, and a superbly-integrated videographer site upgrade for SES Digital

  • Advanced next-generation research & prototyping

  • Next-Generation OnSight.ie website launched

What Our Clients Say

Janet Gillanders

You are an absolute pleasure to deal with, efficient, decent and professional.

The site is easily updated and a joy to use. I'm absolutely thrilled, thanks a million!

Vincent MacNamara

Just a quick note to say that everything so far has run very smoothly with Liffey Descent gallery. Got my first order from the system 30 minutes after putting the site live.

Thanks for all the hard work you put in over the last few weeks. It was great to have you on call at any time.

Gareth Byrne

I've looked through it and it's fair to say that we can rest easy now as it looks perfect. It's not even live 24hrs and I've received e-mails admiring it. I'm delighted that I used your services and appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Hopefully in time more of the IPPA members will recognise your quality of work and employ your services.

Declan Gleeson

OnSight recently completed a new website for my business and I must say that the site has surpassed all our expectations.

We would have no hesitation recommending OnSight to any business looking for a well-designed website with mobile capability and exceptional SEO.

Cormac Byrne

Our new site has increased business by approximately 25% - the fact that our clients can log on and view their wedding or studio portraits within 24 hours has drawn more attention to the services we offer.

Our clients love the fact that they can log on to the web and choose the photos for their album online.

Johnny Khalife

Great to work with Liam.

He is very professional to deal with and no problem was too big or too small. Replies to any queries straight away.

I would highly recommend him for his advice and great ideas.

Deirdre Forristal

With limited knowledge of the IT world I was nervous at the thoughts of how to put a website together. As well as being very easy to work with, I found Liam to be extremely knowledgeable, very creative and thoroughly professional.

He suggested several elements that I would never have thought of and are a great asset to the website. I am extremely happy with the result.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Anthony Dawson

Web site looks great; straightforward and easy to navigate.

National Portrait Week Committee

The IPPA National Portrait Week Committee would like to say a big THANK YOU to Liam & team at OnSight for the fantastic website for our event.

Not only is it a great site that drives the public to our events nationwide - where 2,400 faces were photographed this year.

We are thrilled to announce that in the last two years we have raised €140,000 for the Jack & Jill Children's foundation On May 13th we will hand over this year's cheque for €60,000! Thank you OnSight for the amazing website, service and support.

Lorcan Brereton

Everything is super! Just to thank you so much for such a brilliant job.

The whole site looks fantastic and the feedback is all very positive - even the lady in Blacknight was complimenting it!!!

Jennifer Richardson

Website looks really cool! I am smiling with excitement!

Andrius Asmontas

Very friendly service, easy to communicate; every time I call with a request to edit the website it's done ready for next day. I want to recommend this company for everyone, if you are looking to build a website - OnSight is number 1 to choose.

Thanks Liam.

Dave & Fiona, David Moore Photography

A big thank you to Liam and OnSight for all the help and patience we received when setting up, moving and laying out our new updated site.

Any issues or queries we had (no matter how big or small), Liam was always at the end of the phone or replied by email ASAP.

Having an Irish-based company ready to deal with any issues in real time is a great advantage, as prior to this our previous website company was overseas and would often result in long protracted emails with various "advisors" over a few days.

We can genuinely recommend OnSight to anybody who is looking for a new or updated site.

Morgan Kilgallen

Well done, it looks amazing! Very happy with the final result.

Gareth Byrne, IPPA President

OnSight completely overhauled the IPPA database system to an online format allowing our office to run remotely from any location. The advantages of this enabled going from a rented office scenario to virtual with significant annual savings.

Our Awards Programme was also designed by OnSight to allow members to upload images for judging and receive award results with detailed thumbnails which is part of our overhaul database suite. This investment spans a five-year period and has saved time, money and enhanced the membership experience.

OnSight has become an integral partner with the IPPA.

GrĂ¡inne Duggan

A good website is vital in today's world where so many of my clients are seeing it before they see me and I'm delighted with the good impression it is giving.

What I really like is that the site can be updated very easily and quickly to include new images or text which helps keep it fresh. Even if I don't update it, though, the images are always changing so it still looks new and different every time someone logs in.

Roger O'Sullivan

OnSight delivered a complete package of designing my business branding, website, business cards and letterhead.

I found Liam to have extensive technical knowledge, and excellent at understanding my ideas and making them a reality. He was patient, enthusiastic and produced very high quality work, and I would have no hesitation in recommending OnSight to anyone.

Margaret Moore, IPPA Happy Faces

I can't tell you all what a pleasure it has been to deal with Liam Byrne - every request was deal with expediently, usually with suggestions that added real value and enhanced the visitor experience.

The Happy Faces Day website has been a real triumph.

Patrick Ryan

Over the years of my design journey I have met some very nice people and some very not so nice. But not so long ago I decided to follow an idea I had for year and I ended up needing help.

That's when I met Liam who has his company OnSight.ie; this man is the most genuine and trustworthy business creative I have met.

If anyone out there is looking for web work done, I cannot recommend this man highly enough.

Ruth Foran & Martin Sauvage

We started working with Liam on the first version of our website over fifteen years ago. Since then our site has consistently evolved and OnSight has supported this evolution. Our clients' reactions to our site and the changes we have made along the way has always been reassuring.

Liam has listened from the beginning to our main requirement that the site is easy to navigate, as photographers we need our images to be high quality but load quickly, and this is something that has been perfect from day one.

Being busy and not IT-savvy, having Liam on-board is a great backup for us. We would have no hesitation recommending OnSight and have done so in the past.

Geraldine O'Driscoll

Working with a professional that knows and understands the needs of the photographic industry made the whole process a lot simpler, every design request was met with a simple "that's no problem".

OnSight was highly recommended to me and now I can see why - I'd encourage anyone who's looking for a web designer to pick up the phone to you first.

Philip Martins

No change was too big or too small. The cropping feature on my Signature Series prints works brilliantly. This will save an enormous amount of time and space when adding images to that series in the future.

Your technical knowledge of web design was equally matched with your reliable and pleasant customer service.

Lydia Frawley, LCCR

Check out Limerick City Community Radio's swanky new website which went active today. Liam Byrne is a man of many talents indeed, not only a presenter at the station and part of the management team, he also has a company producing outstanding websites OnSight.ie.

Great job Liam!

Martin Lynch, The Irish MPS Society

We would sincerely like to thank OnSight for their kind donation of our new website.

As a charitable organisation, we are delighted to have a website to which people can turn to obtain information about the society and its activities, and also gain an understanding of the various conditions associated with MPS.

Margaret Culhane

Our tailor-made database is dynamic and versatile, providing us with instant access to our trainee history along with numerous reports which facilitate the marketing of our products at the touch of a button.

Our Standards

Websites that Work

  • Latest Standards-Compliant Websites

    All OnSight websites are standards-compliant and avoid Flash or any temporary trends; even some early-days legacy projects which haven't been upgraded still work on tablets & smartphones!

  • Fast-Loading

    Even when loading high-res retina images, our technology optimises the load time while still maintaining the page layout & visuals; no jumping content or scrollbars! In addition, the system intelligently & automatically decides whether retina images are necessary based not just on a device's display capability, but also on a combination of screen size & internet connection speed.

  • SEO-Friendly

    All OnSight websites are SEO-Friendly and contain automatic tagging and optimisation; our photography websites read image captions directly from the EXIF information, and we can customise our CMS to further enhance the search-engine response to your specific business needs.

  • Mobile Optimised

    Our websites use unique lazy load technology which intelligently preloads images just before the user scrolls to them; we have also completed many sites where the layout on a mobile or tablet version is significantly different, but still retains the core design features.

  • Ease of Update

    Simply pick where an image, video or news item or offer should go, and the SiteShell does the rest! No duplication of work, fiddling with media libraries or adding content to both galleries & blogs. You can even update a third-party platform like YouTube or Daft and your site will update - automatically!

  • Customer Service

    We consult with, and work with, the client to get the perfect combination of what they want and need. We can customise your Content Management System (CMS) to make updating as easy as possible. After all, while updating your site is a necessity, you don't want it to occupy a whole day every week!

  • Outside the Box

    Do you have an innovative idea or custom requirement? We've developed multiple innovative eCommerce shops & workflow systems, not to mention apps; we've even had two apps patented! We love those challenges, and have delivered time and time again.


Mission Statement

OnSight's core principles are to provide high-quality results and service, while making your website work for you with the minimum of effort on your part.

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